Don’t even get me started on autumn in Canada. And other places, sure, but I’m from Canada, and I’ve had my best autumns here, so it’s Canada I’ll be talking about, thanks very much. It just wouldn’t make much sense to talk about Fayetteville NC tree removal companies when I’m from a different land. More specifically, I’ve experienced my Canadian autumns mostly in southern and south-western Ontario, but also up near Ottawa, and let me tell you, they’ve all been breathtaking. Whether it’s the first surrounding my parents’ house, the proud, old trees on my university campus, or the stunning, rolling hills of the Gatineaus, there’s really no season quite like fall. It just begs to be photographed!

I sometimes have to give myself extra time to get places in the autumn months, because I know I’ll stop and spend a few moments here and there taking pictures on my walk over into the city. That, slight aside, is a huge plus of walking everywhere, that you get so many photo-taking opportunities. If I drove around all the time (which I definitely can’t, because I definitely don’t have a car), I’d barely take pictures at all! It’s the walking that gives me the time that I need. So hooray for exercise and reduced emissions!

One of my favourite things bout taking pictures in the autumn is the lighting. I can’t really explain it, but the light just seems more golden somehow, all day long. Whether it’s the first, fresh light of the morning, the crisp brightness of the afternoon, or the soft glow of the evening, autumn seems to bring with it the most beautiful sunshine of all the seasons. That said, it is my favourite season, so I am a bit biased. But I stand by what I said. Autumn has the best picture-taking lighting.

And everyone knows that cloudy days – of which there tend to be quite a lot in autumn – are some of the best days for taking pictures. So really, you can’t go wrong with outdoor picture-taking in the fall. Unless it rains. But then, that’s kind of the same for all seasons. Except for winter, I guess, as we’ve discussed. But that’s one of the beautiful things about living in a place with four seasons! Sure, you have to have twice as many clothes as someone who lives in, say, Florida, but you get the opportunity to experience the joys of each season, and, more specifically to what we’re talking about, the joys of seasonal photography!

I think that one of the best seasons in which to take professional pictures is in the fall. Yes, because of the leaves, of course, but also, think of all the natural seasonal props! I’m talking pumpkins, gourds, wheat and corn stocks, hay bails! And it’s also not too hot or not too cold to be sitting and posing for a couple of hours. The dream time. And maybe I’m swayed by the fact that I have a very special family portrait hanging in my house that happened to be taken in the fall, so full disclosure there, but you’ve got to admit, I’ve made some good points.

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